The Locust Business District

Incorporated in 1982 as a special tax district, the Locust Business District has expanded its objective to stimulating community morale and facilitating economic growth through the accommodation of emerging commercial markets.







The Locust Business District (LBD) is pleased to announce the offer of financial assistance for façade lighting.  By adding more lighting in the district, businesses not only improve security but also contribute to a friendlier, more inviting environment. 

Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) has been approved by the Board to support this initiative.  This is a 50/50 matching program, up to one thousand dollars ($1,000).

Please contact Alisha Robinson in the LBD office, 3150 Locust Street, Ste. 200 or 314.652.2220, for details and a copy of the Façade Lighting Program documentation.  The program will run through 2015 or until all funds have been allocated.  


John Hayden, Board Chairman

Locust Business District

Each business within the Locust Business District represents the true value of commercial tapestry.


By promoting the District's industrial, civic, residential, social and retail amenities, it will allow the Locust Business District to compete with neighboring communities for investors, market share and regional recognition.

In order to increase the District's competitive advantage, Sum Product Media, LLC has been selected to serve as the Locust Business District's in-house media firm.

Sum Product Media, LLC will use photography, videography and print media to market the consumer attractions within the Locust Business District.

If any business is looking to fill a residential or commercial space, host an event, promote a new menu or offer a volunteer opportunity, Sum Product Media, LLC is here to assist your business.  In utilizing the District's newly redesigned website, social media pages and a monthly newsletter, Sum Product Media is dedicated to marketing your ideas that will promote the growth of the Locust Business District.

Sum Product Media, LLC is available at your convenience. We can be contacted at

We are looking forward to working with the Locust Business District.