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A recently published study and report indicates a dramatic reduction in criminal activity in the Locust Business District.  The LBD is now actually the safest district in the City of St. Louis.

The linked spreadsheet and bar charts validate that statement with a year-to-year comparison of critical crime statistics.

Five Year Crime Analysis Locust Business District

(Source: St. Louis Police Department)

The 4th District Saint Louis Police Department (SLPD) attributes the year-to-year drop in crime to several factors, including:

1. Strategically enhanced police “patrol and presence”…including secondary Gold Shield security patrols paid for by the LBD.

2. Utilization of enhanced surveillance and detection technologies.

3. Increased business, residential and entertainment activity in the LBD as buildings are renovated and new people join the community.

4. Increased citizen awareness and active participation in crime deterrence protocols (i.e. Keeping valuables out of sight in vehicles, notifying police of suspicious behaviors, etc.).

5. The LBD Safety & Security Committee’s ongoing efforts to cooperate with the SLPD and to educate and engage LBD citizens about their role in the process.

So, let’s celebrate the good news and then commit to doing our individual parts to keep the LBD safe and secure. Plan to attend the next LBD Safety & Security Committee meeting.

And don’t forget to express a heartfelt “…Thank You!” to the next SLPD officer you see.

(NOTE: The LBD Safety & Security Committee meeting dates are published in advance on the LBD website and promoted by emails. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.)

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