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LBD Assists Neighbors of the District, Socially Jen and Co and HEX with Promotion of The Grand Marke

It's great to see collaboration and successful events taking place within St. Louis, no matter what district or neighborhood an event takes place. We at the LBD are thrilled to have helped our neighbors Hex and Socially Jen + Co with the promotion of The Grand Market, a fresh new festival that will take place each year. This event occurred for the first time in history and had about 1,000 attendees! Alicia Underwood, Partner and Director of Digital Strategy for Socially Jen + Co puts it best:

"In the process of bringing this new festival to life, Socially Jen + Co envisioned a family-friendly event that would celebrate the arts. Naturally, we asked Locust Business District for their support due to the proximity of the event in which they have delivered tremendously. With their unwavering support, the event was a success. Our hope is to continue supporting the infrastructure that organizations such as LBD, Kranzberg Arts Foundation and Grand Center has put forth by bringing more folks into the city."

We are glad that Alicia decided to attend our Board meeting to request assistance for the promotion of the event. We even lent out a few LBD tents to be used. The LBD is glad to listen to requests in order to help our neighbors.

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