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2019 LBD Budget Process

The Locust Business District (LBD) Board has just completed the process of putting together the 2019 budget for the Locust Central Business District.  In an effort to be completely transparent in all our activities related to this process,  we wanted to share with you the steps involved in this process. 


We also want to share some of the questions that we were asked during this process and the answers to those questions.  Our goal in this whole process is to keep you informed on the choices the LBD Board makes concerning how your taxpayer dollars are spent.


An overview of the steps involved in the 2019 LBD Budget Process is outlined below.


Step 1: We conducted a budget survey via SurveyMonkey.


Step 2: The results of that survey were presented at the next LBD meeting.


Step 3: The proposed 2019 Budget was posted to the LBD website for review.


Step 4: A Special Budget meeting was held for the public to provide input on the 2019 LBD Budget.


Step 5: The 2019 LDB Budget was then presented and approved at the next LBD Board meeting.


Step 6: A special 2019 LBD Budget Survey “Frequently Asked Questions and Observations” document was prepared.  To review that document, click here .





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