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LBD Services Update

The LBD neighborhood has seen many positive changes over the past 10+ years and it is in no small part due to the contributions made by the LBD Commissioners, businesses, and the citizens and residents that live in the the LBD or attend LBD meetings. Here is a quick overview of some of the services provided by the LBD:

Security Patrols -- the LBD contracts with Gold Shield Security to provide supplemental security patrols throughout the District.

Security Technology -- a cutting-edge security camera system is in place that provides a network of security cameras tied directly into the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's Real Time Crime Center. This network of cameras is currently growing with additional LBD funded security camera equipment being added to the Real Time Crime Center's system in coming months within the boundaries of the District.

District Cleanliness -- the LBD provides routine additional street sweeping services throughout the District, complementing the once-a-month cleaning provided by the City. Also, the LBD purchased 85 waste baskets that are emptied 6 days a week. The district’s alleys and sidewalks are also cleaned 6 days a week.

Brighter and Greener -- the LBD purchased 136 new bright energy-efficient street light-head fixtures and partnered with the City to install these fixtures on City owned light standards within the District to create a brighter and safer streetscape.

Resident Quality of Life -- the LBD is working with the City to add a dog park in the District that residents and their pets can enjoy.

Accommodating Businesses and Residents -- a parking lot was built by the LBD for use by businesses and residents needing parking on the western side of the District.

Fairs, Events and Promotion -- several successful street fairs and other events have taken place in the LBD that have attracted visitors who may not otherwise have visited the District. Additionally, the LBD has just launched a new website and will be adding content to this new LBD communication tool each month.

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